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The Environmental Integrity Podcast discusses new reports by the Environmental Integrity Project and analyzes important subjects in the news.

10/18/18: Water Pollution from Slaughterhouses

Our investigation of EPA records found that many large meat processing plants in the U.S. — often owned by international companies based in China, Brazil, Arkansas or elsewhere — are violating the federal Clean Water Act, with little enforcement and few penalties. This is polluting rivers, causing fish kills, and contaminating drinking water supplies, often in small, rural, lower-income communities with high minority populations, making it a real environmental justice issue.

Inspired to action by EIP’s report “Water Pollution from Slaughterhouses”, U.S. Senator Richard Durbin of Illinois is now demanding that the EPA strengthen its outdated water pollution standards for slaughterhouses nationally. In the photo above, wastewater from a Pilgrim’s Pride meat processing plant in Live Oak, Florida, pours into the Sewanee River. (Photo from John Moran/Environment Florida)