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What We Do

Our environmental laws depend on the accurate measurement of pollution, but too often the data is misleading, wildly inaccurate, or missing altogether.  In addition, most environmental enforcement programs are run by state agencies that are too often understaffed or overwhelmed by industry interests.  EIP takes advantage of federal laws that allow citizens to challenge weak enforcement programs, and helps state enforcement agencies find the resources they need to do their job more effectively and protect our environment.

EIP’s outstanding environmental lawyers team up with technical experts (who guide data collection, environmental sampling, and analysis) and media consultants to target some of the worst sources of pollution, especially those that contribute to global warming.  EIP also partners with small grassroots organizations in communities nationwide, as well as national environmental groups like Sierra Club and Earthjustice.  While EIP shares the environmental goals of our partners, our mission is unique, because no other organization is so sharply focused on the vigilant enforcement of environmental laws.

EIP directs its efforts in three key issue areas: coal, refineries, and factory farms.


Latest Headlines

Groups Call on Pennsylvania Officials and EPA to Take Legal Action Against Polluting Fracking Company
April 7, 2014
Community Groups File Comments on Draft Environmental Impact Statement for Corpus Christi Harbor Bridge Project
March 20, 2014
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