Citizens to EPA: Clean Up Our Water!

Hundreds attend limited public hearing on power plant water pollution

July 9, 2013

On April 22, after more than 30 years of delay, the EPA proposed a new rule under the federal Clean Water Act that contains a variety of options for cleaning up toxic water pollution from coal-fired power plants. Power plants are some of the biggest sources of water pollution in the country, having already poisoned hundreds of lakes, rivers, bays, streams and aquifers. These are waters from which many nearby communities drink, swim and fish.

Today, at its Washington, D.C. headquarters, the EPA is holding the first and only public hearing on the proposed rule.  By far the best option proposed by the EPA is for power plants to install zero liquid discharge technology and convert to safer coal ash handling systems that will eliminate discharges of the most contaminated wastewaters entirely. Citizens and public interest groups urge EPA to adopt the strongest protections for our waters from this pollution.

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