Draft Factory Farm Clean Water Act Rule Needs Stronger Permit Requirments

Community-Environmental Coalition Says the Department of Natural Resources Proposal Falls Short  of Ensuring Factory Farm Discharges will Result in Clean Water Act Permits

January 27, 2014

Des Moines, Iowa// Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement, the Iowa Sierra Club, and the Environmental Integrity Project have released a draft copy of new Clean Water Act permitting rules for factory farms, otherwise known as Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs), being considered by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR).

A 2007 petition by CCI, Sierra Club, and EIP to the Environmental Protection Agency led to a Work Plan Agreement and this rulemaking, but the groups say the proposed rule does not go far enough to ensure that every factory farm polluter will apply for and obtain a Clean Water Act permit, and will leave too much discretion to the DNR to determine which facilities need permits.

For the press release, click here.

For the proposed CAFO rules, click here.