EIP Report: Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky and Texas are Top States in Terms of Toxic Power Plant Air Pollution

The dirtiest power plants in the nation continue to generate a disproportionate amount of toxic pollutants – including arsenic, chromium, hydrochloric acid, lead, mercury, nickel, and selenium – tracked in a new analysis by the Environmental Integrity Project (EIP) released today by EIP, Earthjustice, and the Sierra Club.


According to the new EIP report, the dozen dirtiest power plants in the U.S. in terms of sheer pounds of emissions of four highly toxic heavy metals – arsenic, chromium, lead, and mercury – are:   (1)  Plum Point Station, AR; (2) TVA’s Paradise Plant, KY; (3) Genon’s Shawville Station, PA; (4) Basin Electric’s Laramie River Station, WY; (5) Consumers Energy’s JH Campbell Plant, MI;  (6) AES Puerto Rico LP, PR; (7) Edison International’s Homer City Plant, PA; (8) Consumers Energy’s De Karn/JC Weadock Generating Plant, MI; (9) FirstEnergy’s Bruce Mansfield Power Plant, PA; (10) Southern Company’s Bowen Plant, GA; (11) Basin Electric’s Antelope Valley Station, ND; and (12) Luminant’s Monticello Power Plant, TX.


Based on overall rankings for the toxic pollutants reviewed in the EIP report, the five worst states identified are (starting with the bottom-ranked states):


  • Pennsylvania (#1 rankings for arsenic and lead);
  • Ohio (#2 rankings for mercury and selenium);
  • Indiana (#4 rankings for chromium and nickel);
  • Kentucky  (#2 for arsenic); and
  • Texas (#1 rankings for mercury and selenium).

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