EIP Report: South Baltimore Neighborhoods Highly Polluted Compared to Rest of State

The South Baltimore areas of Curtis Bay, Brooklyn and Hawkins Point, sometimes referred to as Baybrook, have long been located close to many of Baltimore’s industrial plants.  Baybrook residents have higher death rates from certain diseases that have been associated with exposure to air pollution – specifically, lung cancer, heart disease and chronic lower respiratory disease – than City and State-wide death rates for these diseases.

A review of existing information indicates that these communities are exposed to more harmful air pollution, which comes from a variety of sources, than most of Maryland.  Additionally, no air quality monitors are currently located in Baybrook.  State and local officials should begin monitoring for key pollutants in Baybrook and should take further steps to reduce air pollution from industrial facilities, vehicles and the Port of Baltimore, as these sources appear to adversely affect air quality in Baybrook.

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