Senate Confirms Scott Pruitt as EPA Administrator

Environmental Integrity Project Executive Director, Eric Schaeffer, issued the following statement today on the confirmation of Scott Pruitt as the new EPA Administrator:

“The Senate voted 52-46 to confirm Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt as the new head of EPA.  While Mr. Pruitt has been a tireless advocate for the oil and gas industry, the Farm Bureau, coal companies, and other economic interests, he has shown little interest in actually protecting public health or the environment, which is what the Environmental Protection Agency is supposed to do.  Meanwhile, a court has ordered the release of thousands of emails and other documents that reflect Mr. Pruitt’s back and forth with the Americans for Prosperity (i.e., the Koch brothers), Devon Energy, and other fossil fuel companies or trade associations. ”

“Senators who rushed to confirm Mr. Pruitt before these documents are made public will come to regret their decision.  We owe a vote of thanks to those Senators who worked all night to convince their colleagues that Mr. Pruitt is not the right man to head the EPA.”